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Preliminary Report Mobilising Institutional Investment for Africa’s Infrastructure

Preliminary Report Mobilising Institutional Investment for Africa’s Infrastructure

This Report is special for AUDA-NEPAD as this is the 3rd report by the AU-NEPAD’s Continental Business Network (CBN). The work of the CBN is to contin-uously deliberate on how Africa can finance its infrastructure and how Afri-ca’s infrastructure can be de-risked to attract investments from the private sector as well as to explore innovative measures and instruments to close the US$120 billion infrastructure gap on the continent. You may recall:

  •  In 2016, the CBN published the first report “NEPAD CBN Report on De-risking Infrastructure and PIDA Projects in Africa.” The re-port stated that the risks sur-rounding investments in Africa can be mitigated through im-proved project structuring and the use of effective risk mitiga-tion with improved policy-environments from host govern-ments and support from DFIs. The report also called for the need to mobilise Africa’s institu-tional infrastructure investment community, including African pension and sovereign wealth funds, as new sources of capital that should contribute signifi-cantly to meeting the financing gap.
  • Again in 2017, we convened key stakeholders responsible for investment allocation decisions and launched the “5% Agenda” as a campaign to increase the allocations of investments by African asset owners to African infrastructure from its low base of approximately 1.5% of their assets under management to an impactful 5%. A second report “Continental Business Network (CBN) 5% Agenda Report: Mobi-lising Domestic Pension and Sovereign Wealth Fund Capital for PIDA and other African Infra-structure Projects through Insti-tutional Investor Public Partner-ships (IIPPs)” was published.