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Praia - Dakar Shipping and Maritime Services Project

Project description and objectives:

The project comprises the establishment of a maritime link both for people and goods between the island port of Praia, in Cape Verde, and the port of Dakar, in Senegal.

The project includes the operation of the maritime link, the improvement of the port infrastructure and the simplification and harmonization of the requirements and controls that govern the movement of goods and people.

Among others, the main project objectives are to:

Boost intra-regional and international trade from/to Cape Verde through Dakar

Strengthen trade and economic cooperation between Cape Verde and West Africa

Reduce poverty and social inequalities

Improve the business climate

Beneficiary Countries:
Cape Verde

Project Status:
A Pre-Feasibility Study was completed in 2016 and a Feasibility Study (S2B) is currently being carried out and is expected to be completed in January 2023.

Financial needs:
The estimated budget needs will be defined after completion of the Feasibility Study

Private Sector Opportunities:

The solution proposed involves each country developing its port infrastructure via a turnkey contract and operating the route with a single private operator. Most of the operators consulted showed relevant market interest and capability in delivering the services through a PPP, as in the Dakar-Ziguinchor shipping service.