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Lesotho - Botswana Water Transfer Project

Project description and objectives:

Lesotho – Botswana Water Transfer Project aims to implement a water conveyance system in Lesotho through South Africa to Botswana

The project also includes the construction of a multi-purpose dam in Lesotho with a hydropower plant

The project objectives are to:

Water supply to Botswana, as well as Lesotho and South African municipalities along the route; beneficial to continued economic growth and implying commensurate socio-economic benefits

Hydropower generation in Lesotho, in order to improve population access to electricity and to reduce dependency on imported energy supply

Climate resilience enhancement from water shortages and droughts for communities in Botswana, Lesotho, and South Africa, which have negatively impacted agriculture sector outputs, factor remuneration, and general households’ welfare

Creation of long term employment opportunities

Beneficiary Countries:
Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa

Project Status:
The project is currently at Feasibility Stage (S2B), having completed the prefeasibility Phase I & II in December 2022

Financial needs and commitments:
Short-term Financial needs: 250,000 EUR (Technical Advisory Services for ESIA Studies & Technical Studies)

Commitments: NEPAD-IPPF (2.3 Mn EUR), AWF (2.0 Mn EUR),
State Parties (1.7 Mn EUR)

Private Sector Opportunities:

Both Botswana and South Africa have developed an adequate regulatory framework for the implementation of PPPs and have relevant track records of PPPs in water and energy sectors.