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Establishment of a navigational line between Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea – Feasibility study Phase 2 (VICMED)

Project description and objectives:

The assignment is a multimodal transport project to link between Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea, circa 5,500km.

The general project objectives are to:

Achieving socio-economic integration and cohesion

Enhancing trade and tourism

Offering a cheaper transport alternative

Bringing a sustainable integrated multimodal transport

The specific project objectives are to

Connecting footprint countries

Providing opportunities for landlocked countries

Support economic development

Providing effective support and facilitation for trade

Reinforce region’s position with the global economic system

Allowing more cooperation

Enhancing regional integration

Beneficiary Countries:
 Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, DRC, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi

Project Status:
According to the latest available information, the project is under Feasibility stage – Phase 2 (S2B).

Financial needs:
8.5-11.7 Mn USD for feasibilities studies

Private Sector Opportunities:

Not developed to date