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Construction du Barrage et Aménagement de la Centrale Hydroélectrique de Palambo

Project description and objectives:

The project comprises the construction of a dam to regulate the Ubungi and Congo rivers flow downstream of Bangui, mainly during the low water period, and a hydroelectric plant to serve the CRA capital and the neighboring area

The project objectives are to:

Produce and ensure a regular and sufficient supply of electricity to Bangui and its immediate area as well as areas of Congo and DRC

Improving the navigation in the Ubangi River, and consequently fluvial transportation between Bangui and Brazzaville and Kinshasa

Promote the development of economic activities and services in Bangui and the DRC by the permanent supply of electricity to companies

Contribute to the multimodal transport Corridor 13, part of the Central African Consensual Transport Master Plan

Enable the Water Transfer project From the Ubangi to Lake Chad

Beneficiary Countries: Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, and Democratic Republic of Congo

Project Status:
Pre-feasibility studies were done in 1990 by SOGREAH, part of ARTELIA, an important French engineering company

Feasibility Stage (S2B) has not been launched yet; deficiency of funding is identified as the reason for the lack of progress so far

Financial needs:
In the short term, financing is required to do the feasibility study (3 Mn USD) and the Transaction Support & Financial Close (TBD)

Private Sector Opportunities:

All involved countries have an advantageous PPP regulatory framework, including DRC that shows a relevant track record of hydropower projects and, in consequence, a big PPP potential